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When school lets out, I have to be extremely careful to not be spotted at my home in the library. Kids are often there working on homework assignments or projects and there are fewer places for me to hide. In spite of my need to stay undercover, I try to help out where I can. If I notice someone is stuck and he is working on a computer, I wait until he takes a bathroom break. Then I type in some of these addresses for great spots for homework help. Sometimes, I hide on a shelf between the biographies and non-fiction and whisper ideas very quietly, so quietly that he thinks it was his own idea. That’s because it was. I just helped it along. If you need homework help and I’m not around to point you in the right direction, check out some of these spots for great ideas to make homework less work.

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Online Dictionaries

Miriam-Webster’s online website for kids includes vocabulary builders and word games. Word-finder searches in dictionary, thesaurus or rhyming mode:


Online leveled dictionary:


Yahoo’s online dictionary page includes helpful reference links and a measurement conversion calculator:


Reference and Research Help

Searchable articles on common homework topics:


Video clips from around the web, arranged in categories:


Textbook supplemental material arranged by state, subject and grade level:


Articles, maps and tables by classroom subject:


Other Interesting Sites

U.S. government-sponsored site includes links arranged by age level, as well as individual state-sponsored sites for kids:


Time magazine’s site includes news articles of interest to kids, plus printable worksheets and quizzes:


The home site for National Geographic Kids magazine includes articles, videos, games and activites:


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